Tuesday, 6 May 2014

American Film : Stand By Me

American Film

I have not seen the movie.I have therefore no idea how much of the review confirms or describes what happened in it.But surely, because of the write up I shall try to get hold of the movie and watch it.Trilby in her honesty and introspection unconsciously says more and in the process rediscovers some bit of her childhood dreams and her sense of angst at not being able to define her fantasy to become an early hero.Magic, maybe.Whatever!She confesses her confusion as she in parallax sees herself while the friends in the movie go about searching for their own heroism.The review suggests a culmination wherein"the journey" more than the "destination" is important.And in that summation she sublimates her own story and emerges clearer and therefore stronger.

Trilby, has imagination and is still, quite the child of her memory's album.Sweetly, she recollects and we are all equally happy travelling along with her and the movie .For all this and that which is unsaid one would like to watch "Stand By Me" made by Rob Reiner.

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