Thursday, 26 June 2014

An Eye to remember :Ray and all that

He was born today :02 May.A master like no other.He did almost everything in films :music, script writing,art direction, casting, story, being behind the camera and of course directing them.He did write short stories,editing magazines,copy editing and above all sincerely replying letters which was not the fan mail of cinema but his short stories written for children.
In a foolish way I remember him for I share my birth year with the year of creation of his great movie "Pather Panchali"-1955.Influenced by De Sica,Renoir and the Hollywood he believed the Oscar awarded to him for his lifetime contribution to world cinema was perhaps the summation of his creative contributions
.The Quintessential middle class Bengali, he was.
One has read and seen so much by now that which of his is the best is a matter best left for the dilettante.I chose this four part interview primarily because at the end you realise that the series never got completed fully because he suffered a massive heart attack while still at it...
Watch it all.And like all things beautiful never seems to be enough....Celebrate !with a tinge of sadness maybe !

An interview with the renowned Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray. He discusses his childhood, the influence of the Bengal renaissance, his interest in design and typography, his approach to political films and violence in cinema, his interest in period films and children's films, his response to Western films and critics, and thoughts on life and death.

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