Saturday, 14 June 2014

Cul de Sac : A politics of no alternatives

You are either for or against Modi. And if the media of all kinds are to be believed a larger part of the voting janata that is 30% of the 60% who have voted in 2014 would prefer Modi. Mostly the intellectuals who are generally seen in mock debates,seminars,soul-thumping magazines, candle-light night marches, on English speaking foreign networks and  surprisingly part of the fashionista are up in arms against this near certain rise of the Indian Nazis :BJP and RSS. To foretell this they have peered and analysed various musty Marxist or neo -liberal tracts out of context, novels, movies and what-have -you to deconstruct history and draw connects and threads with similar trends in the past.

Sumanta Banerjee this time round picks two books from the yesteryear's by Brecht and another by Sinclair Lewis to confirm this thesis.
My position whatever be the truth in time is that the people are flummoxed.Fed up. They continue to remain poor is the reality despite elections and democracy for the last 60 odd years.My questions are:

Why this tirade against Modi ?(I notice the author forgets to mention the economic policy to be pursued by him in the lundry list of supposed dangers in the immediate future or is it because  the previous regime of Congress  pursued similar neo-liberal policies as is being anticipated now?The talk of deteriorating institutions through nepotism and utter disregard and arrogance of power was given a convenient miss.What was the role of the intellectuals then and why did we not witness similar clamour,organised agitation, interpretations and taking to the streets earlier?What is the nature of difference between Congress and the BJP or the other parties especially AAP?The left may be given a pass as they exist only on discussion panels and so-called serious research magazines such as this one.Which is the party today which could lead and represent the people, then?The writer for obvious reasons cannot admit that such a one today does not exist and if one were to operate outside of the parliamentary or constitutional argument it would be against the dictates of limits of freedom imposed.Democracy and electoral politics is the panacea.Nothing before or after.

Or if I were to twist the rainbow like thoughts of Prof Amartya Sen:China is doing well but is some kind of a benevolent despot not wedded to democracy.So viewed against American Democracy a far cry.Not preferred, therefore.Just like Modi. Can deliver but not very democratic when compared to the secular,non-communal, all inclusive Congress.Whatever that means ?

The damned be damned !Are the people then to be blamed ?I am never able to reconcile how the ordinary peasant,unemployed worker,disenfranchised labour and the half-fed 50% be held accountable against this unclear, rarified, distracting and confusing quibbling of the twice-born intellectuals.History shall not be learnt from in India and the lack of courage and vision to tread an alternative path is its curse .Will then the people rise on their own ? All that happens but spontaneously is doomed to burnt out as an un-managed chaos will.

In the late thirties of the previous century popular support in Germany was for the left .Despite that the Nazis took over.Resistance there was and the left were massacred.Fascism strode in.Does history tell us that we are in similar times ?Much water seems to have flown since then.Our belief in the parliamentary road for so long has not only perpetuated a lie but has weakened the ability to act otherwise.

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