Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Of a Ratna in the days of Inflation !

Mridula Chari quite rightly argues that the kith and kin have no right of way in deciding the award of the Bharat Ratna.And equally wrongly shuts her eyes or mind ostrich lilike on the appropriateness of it and particularly the timing.She, I would imagine instead picks a red-herring as a hope-thread quite mischievously to allude her support for netaji and the award, albeit belatedly.That a blood kin suggested an inquest on his 'mysterious death' as a better way to go on Netaji has been cleverly picked up by the author to demolish the rather infantile rejection of the award per se.She remains silent though, on why Gandhi
deserves no such consideration of the award and by inference he is the only one above and beyond a mere mortal award ! Also that the the government of the day is supposedly pitching for it makes many doubt the timing and intentions.Understandably.Bengal and India have to be won over and all those who have got tired of the Gandhi's and Nehrus.Congress has to be upstaged and a neo-national agenda has to be raised sphinx-like from the ashes if you please.Many questions need to be raised therefore and answered conclusively.The blood and kin in that also have an equal right to be heard.


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