Thursday, 5 February 2015

#BCCI :Not quite cricket.

A new judgement is in place on BCCI. on cricket itself as it is today.I do not understand much of the ruling of the Supreme Court except for what I have read in edits, talk shows, discussions between friends who are as as ill-informed as me.All are hazarding guesses.Save a thing in common.All seem to be one in thinking the BCCI and Cricket are holy cows that need to be sent to the nearest cleaners.It is all corrupt and pays all that are connected with it to keep talking wherever without helping matters.In short obfuscate.The Judgement as usual does not help either.Only takes us further down the deep hole of false hopes and dark desperation.And for those men in the dark coats or whites to not change their colours but shape up for business as usual only at a different table this time round.

Some of all this one sees in the edits highlighted below.Light there is little , yet.!

It is true that many benefited by the windfall of the IPL.This was a classic case of private ownership and support giving a much needed boost and direction away from the deathly and decadent stranglehold of the government.All of the cricket greats and writers past and present sang hosannas while the bureaucrat, politician, real estate developer, share broker, Bollywood, senior cricketers and professional businessmen and other big and mighty cooperated and conspired together to put their hands into the magical cookie jar.Never were they bitten by stinging bees or hidden serpents of justice .And to hear Mr Sunil Gavaskar anointed by the Court as Mr Unimpeachable was the last straw.

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