Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Someone said there is no business like the doctor's business.And private practice along with the government even better.Rob Peter to pay the Trehans.There shall always be more and more patients.Never enough doctors.Demand way lower than supply.And what is more is that the consumer, in this case, the patient is always beholden to his provider, the Doctor.Profit whatever is made is never seen as a wrong but the necessary costs towards performance of a divine function : giving life.
Well these are but some generalities.Tired cliches.
We are here instead talking of some majorly big names of this very 'noble' profession and trying to understand,note and narrate often times, specific personalities and brands.Factoids of a kind in investigative journalism.An elaborate foray into the life and times of a Cardiologist called Dr Trehan, Padma Bhushan.The narrative, a tiny tome is interesting all the way through and though we may know nothing about stents,angiography,heart transplants and the many-other-not-so-pleasant-things of the scalpel and the stethoscope the curiosity within is always whetted with each turn and twist of the medical tool like the all too familiar cloak and dagger story this time round.
Fortis and Escorts at war.Medanta is born out of a bloody partition.Two brothers of yore Trehan and Ahmed love each other only to fall out for power and pelf.Money is traded in the region of very high figures that in the very least confuses and at its worst scandalises.
Dr Watson's they.We the Sherlocks all of us,witness to a sordid story of politics, passion,dedication, skill, arrogance and success of love and the cost of its many labours.Morals and ethics :Whither? To succeed it costs money.And for better health ask for private help with government funding.That is the question.
Elementary Dr. Watson !?

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