Thursday, 5 February 2015


Tharoor comes out with silencer guns of tempered criticism to attest his rather un-Indian, upper class self-control and sophistication.Never stated thus though.He records Bobby Jindal scathingly and with surgical incisions in this little piece and rues the Indian media, (the paid-one?) that sings paeans on any Indian American even if he/she never so remembers a country connected by birth or of test-tubes of immigration or naturalisation.Tharoor maybe, consciously though in his effusive flourish paints many more like Jhumpa Lahiri and others under the same brush.Spite or fact ?

Mr Tharoor is much traveled himself and stopped on many wayside waterholes of many kinds on the way.Globally speaking.And profits from standing by Indian values that the successful others quoted or referred to do not by choice or design.Decide then, when next time round you go goooey.

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