Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Idolaters or iconoclasts ? : The Butchers of History

The ancient site of Nimrud, one of Iraq’s cultural treasures, is shown being destroyed by explosives in a video recently released by ISIS.

It is indeed unfortunate to witness and passively preside over the horrible desecration and systematic demolition of ancient icons, statues,forts, art treasures and archaeological history in our own lifetime.We are already aware of our hoary pasts and the related raging controversies.The verity of most records is hotly contested, denied or accepted as per our poltical affiliations or religious preferences..Somnath,pagodas, mosques and temples,Bamiyaan Buddha of Afghanistan among others, all stand testimony to this.Religious persecution,motivated division of perfectly healthy pluralistic societies,riot and arson, bloody deaths have been engineered as a result.

One of the oldest civilisations and maybe the entire Middle Arab and Muslim world are being subjected to this mindless assault once again.There is a story being told below.Whether it is to believed and are 'the facts are what- is- as- seen' is quite another question.But all lovers of humanity I am sure will be bemused to say the very least.And the disbelievers would be, perhaps, right here to say that the 'hunters' (in this case, the West) are writing the story of the losers (the lions) for us to read !

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