Monday, 4 May 2015

Of Home and the World

As I read through the post below a strong sense of deja vu seemed to trap me. I reminisced a film Ghare Baire (Home and the world) based on a eponymous story written by Tagore..In that film of Satyajit Ray, Nikhilesh is the suave intellectual and an aristocrat who gives refuge to a friend and fugitive, Sandip a fire spouting revolutionary during the Pre-Independence days.He however, disagrees with his ideology and politics.Both friends were a study in contrasts.One rich and well spoken but mature.No rebel, but genuinely a lover of the poor peasants.No fighter of causes either ! Essentially a just, human being.The other, Sandip,a proverbial rabble rouser, gifted in public speaking, eloquent, rakishly handsome but deep within, loves all things good .Foreign cigarettes,stylish homes, good food and an attractive woman friend being some.I am referring to Bimala, here (Nikhilesh's wife).

This interesting read is full of personal anecdotes that most feelingly and sometimes reverently recalls some icons who held or hold the red-coloured-flag of politics in the past or presently.Like Nikhilesh,Gopal Gandhi the author appears to have a soft place for all of them in particular the Karat-kind.(Does he resemble Sandip?).Most certainly not.Obviously there is no Bimala around, too.This is where the resemblance gets skewed.Both the players seem to have integrity and love of the people in common.Karat has stepped into the wide world of action with courage and altruism as his faithful soldiers.Failure maybe does not daunt him and surely he is no part of avarice.He has struggled to keep his flock together. The author on the contrary is the liberal aristocrat who too espouses causes for the laity.But without having to forsake much of his own.He is an enlightened bureaucrat and when the friends crossed paths in the line of duty they found each other on opposite sides.As a rebel Sandip (read Karat and Bimala? maybe) chose the non-violent road to social transformation in the fanciful belief that they would take the citadel from within.In that Nikhilesh preferred his strengths in remaining firmly inside the citadel and on chosen thrones, howsoever dignified or fair.Does the author then reflect on his own past with a touch of self- applause.Albeit,with subtlety and panache worthy of the twice-born ! But what is with intellectuals and good men who choose to spit fire with their magical pens ? Alas, they seldom soil their hands or faces with sweat or blood maybe, to do what they need to do !

For all lovers of humanity, justice and a plural India a sober tribute and call for action from a man who knows what it is to be strong and to fail...
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