Saturday, 14 June 2014

China :An enigma, wrapped in mystery

China is many things to many Indians.The proverbial elephant felt and described by blind men, perhaps  To the neo-liberal intelligentsia who love and dream to see India big and stronger than China, a successful, but impious Dragon,to the rising but politically indifferent awed by its growth and rapid success an inscrutable and non-transparent behemoth, to the traditional and conservative who hate all that is Chinese 'coz they have been told that they attacked India and annexed and hold many of our territories, a Judas and to some a cultural junior what with Hieun Tsang having visited India some thousands of years ago to see the "milk and honey and the twittering golden-bird on every branch and bough". A miniscule left leaning workers and academia look at it for succor and political leadership,the Chinese Master in a manner of speaking.

Many complain they get to know nothing.See very little and hear in garbled and unclear whispers: the story that is China.Anything good or encouraging is met with distrust and the random running down of their achievements with the high fives of deja vu. So what is the truth?How does one get to know of China more to learn and understand in the usual milk run of life? Surely one does not wish to be overloaded with heaps of literature and information from various sources to unburden one's ignorance.

To understand more without much ado of what India can learn or undo in times to come.While China firmly plants its friendly flag in many nations more for goodwill and less for profit,it is keen to understand the tricky and sometimes intractable ways of private ownership, property,laws of succession, inter-racial marriages, adoption etc of foreign lands.It is also understood that in the latest visit of the Chinese Premier in a private, confidential meeting held with senior Indian Land/revenue officials the former showed more than a casual interest in the subject.So are the Chinese coming to India while we travel too, to see and believe what we hear ? Interesting times ahead..

In this little  excerpt from "China's Second Continent": Howard French presents a tongue-in-cheek political cum insightful travelogue on the Chinese people and their ordinary and sometimes large ambitions, its party,government and politics in building International Solidarity with their manufacturing and industrial skills on export as the most potent and real-time face of their proud nation among other things.

An interesting take of a past and I quote"Young people in China today no longer learn bow to chiku,”he said. The expression means to “eat bitterness,” to endure great hardship. “I want my son to become a real man, a worthy person.”

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