Saturday, 14 June 2014

First Past The Post (FPTP),and all that !

downwash of Modi's chopper leaves behind, heat,dust, dried and flying leaves,blinded eyes and cowering voters

While Modi is all set to welcome the SAARC leaders surprising many by his display of diplomatic panache and sagacity and the whole political world is busy playing games selecting the likely Ministers the Congress party is once again anointing its fools as kings and queen .The Middle Left, if you know what I mean are still not convinced that it is time for the current leadership to step aside and let fresh winds blow. AAP is for once realising the pristine benefits of or the lack of having a Party, leadership and organisation.Being clever one fools sometimes the sincere other.Being twice clever is your nemesis which is what the nightmares of Kejriwal are all about presently in the jailed confines of Tihar.The regional parties have won in Tamil Nadu, Orissa,West Bengal,Telengana, Andhra Pradesh and are intelligent enough to realise that their worth is only so far as the next Rajya Sabha elections.Oxygen for life support is fast running out for these prickly political denizens.

Against this landscape of defeat and despondency there is a weak but resilient voice of analysis from a committed few that paws at our easily excitable natures and love of political porn.I see these though, as claws of doubt and inquiry that dig deep into our drugged bloodstream and threaten to bleed it dry unless a serious re-hab is not initiated.
Nirmalangshu Mukherjee questions the present verdict as not a total sweep for Modi,opines that UP and Bihar were the key as orchestrated by Amit Shah,the core Dalit/Muslim votes were not transferred as trumpeted.No major shift of the voters' constituency had also happened is how he puts across with his tweaked mind.
To quote :

Let us first get clear about what this 31% means for democratic representation. As Shuddhbrata Sengupta (Kafila, May 18) and others have pointed out, the current population of India is 1.27 billion or 1270 million. The total electorate is 810 million. Since 66.3% of this electorate voted in the elections, the actual number who voted is 541 million. At 31%, BJP won roughly 165 million votes. In other words, in the general population, over 1000 million or 1 billion people or 86% did not vote for BJP. Even among the registered electorate, nearly 650 million or 80% did not vote for BJP.
The BJP government just elected is the most unpopular and unrepresentative in the history of the republic of India. To emphasize, these abysmal numbers have little to do with the limitations of FPTP; so they can only be the result of deliberate manipulation.'Read on for the real sensation from the link below...

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