Thursday, 26 June 2014

Submarine friendships :Have we enough Oxygen?

It is important for the mainstream liberals to see the machismo in jointly patrolling the international waters with the global giant, America. Interoperability and communications is one thing.But to proxy roles for the latter is quite another.

It is for India to determine whether the time is opportune considering its low foreign exchange reserves,rock bottom growth rates and creating million jobs regularly,upscaling the manufacturing industry ?would it the have the necessary finances for playing watchman of someone else's property and the corresponding wages befit the task and situation?.That the overwhelming reason is to compete with China essentially is not lost in particular.Nationalism needs to assess its strengths and its available resources before any kind of posturing.So my calling to attention the so called liberals and the development pundits that deep within is the fascist streak in all of us to see the country strong militarily and it is there pshycologically Modi strikes the emotional cord..

So what, that many, as before still die hungry!

Yes, there is a call to have a constructive relationship with China.The question then is, when to all accounts China's emergence as a major naval power has become a major cause of worry for the Americans, is it being militarily cautious and diplomatically sophisticated to satisfy both partners of mismatched strengths China and India?Americans for the moment only end up looking clever.A win-win for all while seducing India into a role which to say the least is burdensome, uneconomical and premature.A tin sailor at the best.For now that is....

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