Thursday, 5 February 2015

# Bhai :Experiments with Truth of a different Mahatma

It is interesting and not without a touch of irony can it be said that the country that has launched the girl-child programme from haryana to arrest the girl-boy child ratio ostensibly at the behest of the current Prime Minister seems to be himself in quite a quandary on issues regarding the status of women, girl , child-marriage, women-empowerment, masculinity and patriarchy et all when seen in his personal life.
India is admittedly a country of contrasts with great freedom of women seen amongst the elite and tribals at the lowest level vis-a- vis the majority where systematic inequality prevails on such matters among other things.

India along with Narendra bhai is evolving.So is everyone else.Women the world are unequally positioned, more so in our country.Child marriages are yet to be a thing of the past and still happen.Some great men grew from such marriages i read.Some , if not most played havoc with their wives and some like Bhai were caught in a prevalent social practice out of obedience, loyalty or pure inability to withstand an offer due to sheer lack of choice.He remained celibate when he could have re-married any time later.These thoughts are, of course in the realm of conjecture.They did not cohabit is what the family says but would be an intimate truth known only to the persons concerned.Bhai would have none of it when perhaps he was more confident and clear about his desires and motivations and gradually perhaps moved away from this union of sorts.But he was still left with a memory of an uncomfortable fact.What could he do? Accept and reconcile or legally separate.In both ways I would imagine would have caused no solutions or brought happiness.Bhai is trapped in his past, inadequacies of age and passage of time within an ambivalent world tragic and a farce together.Jashoda behn remains the traditional loyalist with fond hopes like many more such waiting for the prodigal husband.What can Bhai do, after all?

Shall we wait to see the last word said or deed done in the future or live with an honest admission that all of us men in the final analysis have our little dark corners where we live alone in impotent dilemmas and sad at that, maybe ?At least, some of us that is.

No offense meant, to women really !your crosses you carry for sure which are admittedly, worse.

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